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"The History of Water": Reservoir restoration

"The History of Water" is an action to restore the old reservoir and its surroundings, which is located in the "Chorio" location in the area of Lagada Amorgos. The Mitato of Amorgos was inspired by the idea and in collaboration with our association, carried out this project with the aim of making this reservoir functional again and able to provide its water both to passers-by with their donkeys and to hikers, as well as to farmers who have their fields around.

The work that took place, lasted about three months and included:

  • Cleaning and restoration of the inside of the tank.

  • Roof replacement

  • Plumbing work and installation of valves so that water can be collected.

  • Application of external coatings with mud, in order to preserve the original appearance of the tank.

  • Environmental configuration, with the construction of dry stone walls around the perimeter of the site, in order to retain the soil and protect the tank.

More information about the action can be found on the website of Mitatos of Amorgos.


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