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Participation: Objection at the Supreme court against the permitting of wind farms in the burnt forests of Evros

Our association has the honor to participate, together with 26 organizations, institutions and natural persons from all over Greece, in this symbolic and historical trial for the proper management of reforested areas!

Photo of Sakis Youbasis from Dadia after the fires of 2023

"With this application, they are, in essence, asking the Supreme Court to review the well-known decision 2499/2012 SC, by which the installation of Renewable Energy Sources (and other projects of social and economic importance) in reforested areas was deemed constitutional. They point out that the interpretation of art. 117 par. 3 of the Constitution against its clear and categorical wording, which prohibits any use within the burned forests except for their reforestation, is dangerous not only for the forests but also for the Rule of Law itself and the principle of legality. They point out that conditions have changed radically in the last decade, since our forests are now massively destroyed by fires, while it has been scientifically proven that RES, regardless of their usefulness, also have environmental effects that are not at all painless and negligible. Consequently, the revision of the case-law is today more necessary and timely than ever."

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