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Exhibition and embroidery classes

Our association, as part of the winter activities it organizes for the residents of Amorgos, plans also embroidery lessons on the island with the teachers Kalliopi Chatzaki and Antonia Markopoulou.

On this occasion, two events were organized, which included an embroidery exhibition, a talk about traditional embroidery, as well as its applications in modern life and art and a meeting to get to know the interested parties, in Aegiali and Chora. They attracted people of various ages and there was plenty of participation and interest in the courses.

The events took place on Saturday, November 18, at 6 pm, in the Simonidis hall in Chora, and on Sunday, November 19, at 6 pm, in the "ANNA SYNODINOY" Multipurpose Hall in Aegiali.

In our plans, among others, is to "come out of the trunks" traditional Amorgian embroideries and based on them to embroider new ones and to make an exhibition with our works. Another project we can plan are lessons for children's first contact with embroidery.

We want to thank our teachers, Kalliopi Chatzaki and Antonia Markopoulou from the bottom of our hearts for the amazing work they showed us, the speech and all the information they shared with us.

We want tp thank everyone who honored us with their presence!

We also thank the Culture & Art Association "Simonidis" and the Municipality of Amorgos for granting the respective halls.

About the courses:

The courses are scheduled to start in January 2024. We will contact you shortly for the details.

If there is anyone else who is interested, can leave their details on our association's messenger or fill in the contact form on our website here.


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