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Event on wind turbins on Amorgos

The event "Industrial Wind Turbines and Photovoltaics in Amorgos: Our island among the most endangered areas of Europe", was organized with great success by our Association "Nissos Amorgos" under the auspices of the Hellenic Society for the Protection of the Environment and Cultural Heritage, on Sunday, June 13 in the central square of Chora. We were happy to see a lot of people sending a clear message by watching and participating. The inhabitants of the island want to take the fate of their homeland in their hands and not allow anyone to turn Amorgos into an industrial power plant.

Those present carefully listened to our guests, who came from all over Greece to support our cause, as well as the recorded greeting by Lydia Karra, president of the Hellenic Society for the Protection of the Environment and Cultural Heritage.

Initially Mr. Moisis Mylonas, Emeritus Professor in the field of Biology of Organisms at the University of Crete, who has studied our island for his PhD, mentioned the unique nature of its ecosystems and the environmental value of its mountains. Then Akis Papasarantis, a member of the Citizens Initiative for the Protection of Aegean Islets informed us on the victorious battle that led to the cancellation of the pharaonic Industrial Renewable Energy Sources plan projected for 14 islets in the Aegean. He also highlighted the huge problems in energy management internationally but also in the case of Amorgos.

Dimitris Gotsis, a products and systems design engineer analysed the catastrophic environmental effects that a sprawling Renewable Energy Sources units positioning has had in Greece. As investments are made uniquely for profit the need for justice in energy management and the protection of biodiversity are more evident than ever. Based on these assumptions he made some proposals of viable solutions on a national as well as a local level.

Our association’s attorney, Tryfonas Kollias, specializing in Environmental and Urban Planning Law highlighted the standing facilities and guaranteed income offered to Renewable Energy Sources investors, resulting directly in an incrementation of electricilty bills. He also talked about the possibilities of civil resistance against the onset of interests at a legal level. We were moved by Mrs. Rodopi Sfyridi who talked about the woes of the people of Karystos (southern part of Evia) carrying the weight of more than 400 wind turbines, expecting twice as much in the near future. As the representative of the people’s committee of Karystos she painted a grim picture of the effect of wind turbines on the environment as well as people’s lifes and debunked the myth of the rewarding benefits promised by wind turbine construction companies.

Our last speaker, Petros Kousounadis from Tinos island, member of the local committee, described the massive mobilization of the people there that has achieved to thwart the plans for wind turbines installation so far. We were struck by the impressive simulation of the repetitive sound which will be heard in Loza square, caused by the wind turbines installation planned, which will practically surround Chora.

Closing the event, coordinated by journalist Giannis Elafros, Mr. Mylonas offered an optimistic message for the future and there followed questions and interventions by the public.

The six speeches from the event are now available in our YouTube channel. Watch them at the link below:


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