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Association for the Environment and Culture

Nissos Amorgos

The decision for founding the Association springs from a deep and altruistic love for our island and our concern for the protection of its cultural inheritance, the remarkable natural environment and the Cycladic landscape that has been undisturbed for centuries.


We wish to collaborate with local authorities and associations on subjects where our goals converge, as well as with groups and organisations from other places active in the fields of environment and culture.


As for the goals of the association we want to mention the Renewable Energy Sources and the creation of sustainable proposals for the island, the protection and promotion of our footpaths and their national certification, promotion of our archeological sites, maintenance of the stone walls, collaboration with the parents associations and the schools in order to create environmental activities in the schools, organising of informative events and cultural festivals and more.

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Support us

Your support is valuable to us!

You can contribute either voluntarily via your ideas and actions or by donating to our association. 


IBAN: GR7901711530006153162918900


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